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This Is Your Chance To Create The Life You Really Want Quicker Than You Ever Thought Possible, WITHOUT Relying On A Lottery Win Or Unexpected Inheritance!
Yes it’s true: Your worries that you're never (ever) going to actually achieve the things you really want in life can be over for good.

Because after more than 14 years helping people achieve their goals, and over 2 years working with my phenomenal mentor Bob Proctor,  I've put together a package that WILL change your life path and bring you the income, health and relationships you REALLY want...

In this short letter, you’ll discover the true path to a life of abundance (and it has nothing to do with vision boards).

Hey, it’s me, Emma.

And just like you, I’m a little fed up with all the crap advice we're being given about how to improve our results in life.

I’m more than a little fed up, to be honest.

This advice seems to be coming from “fake experts” in the personal development world who haven’t earned more than a couple of thousand pounds a month in their lives, let alone set up multiple streams of income… 99% of it is complete garbage and isn’t going to work for you.

And even the ones who have actually made it are teaching you to do something they're NOT doing!

If you’re anything like I was a couple of years ago:

🤬 You're SO OVER playing small - you want BIG changes in the next 12 months, in your finances, your relationships, your health and/or your impact on those you're here to help.

🤬 You're DONE with being brought down by the negative people around you. You crave a positive support network of people who 'get' you and who 'get' that you desperately want more in life than you currently have.

🤬 You’re totally BEYOND trying to get the Law Of Attraction to work for you - you've been trying to manifest serious changes to your life for months (or years) and you know now you need specialist help.

🤬 You’ve had ENOUGH of just about scraping by every month, wondering how you'll ever get on top of your money. Life just isn't meant to be this hard.

🤬 You're totally DISILLUSIONED with the number of motivational/inspirational webinars/seminars/courses you've attended, coming away all jazzed and raring to go - with no significant results to show for any of them.

🤬 You are BURNED OUT with trying so hard…working harder and longer to try to achieve the results you really want, but getting nowhere fast. The stress of pushing so hard is getting to you (and your family) and you don't understand how some other people seem to attract what they want so easily...

I know you’re ready to make a real change and get out of this situation you are in. Not just because it's long overdue and you deserve better, but because I was just like you not too long ago and you know I’ll lead you in the right direction.

Here's what my client (and now good friend!) Pam has to say about TIR:

I Know How Hard It Is...

I fell for the same stupid advice we all do…

"Get qualifications - as many as you can - people who get great grades and letters after their name earn lots of money..."

"Create a vision board and look at it as often as you can."

"Keep imagining the picture of what you want in your mind - it will be brought to you eventually (as if by magic...)."

"Listen to affirmations all day, every day. If the universe 'knows' what you want it will come to you."
"Tell all your friends and family your big goals - if you set the intention, you'll make sure you work to achieve it."

"Post your big goals all over social media with inspirational / motivational posts to prove you're serious and try to 'manifest' the things you really want."

The problem is it just doesn't work like that (you might have noticed...)

Unfortunately, you (like me) probably only got half the story when it comes to making the Law Of Attraction work for you, and all these things do is convince your family and friends you need medical help (or have joined some kind of cult).

Every day you hope and pray you'll get some kind of 'sign', some confirmation that the results you really want are on the way to you…some guidance as to what you need to bloody well DO to make things happen. But it rarely happens that way.

Sometimes you wonder if you are even cut out for all this 'wanting more' malarkey - after all, look at the tiny percentage of people who 'make it' in this life....but then you look at the ones who are KILLING it, and say 'but what if?...'

Trish has had the most amazing 6 months in TIR - see what she has to say below. :-)
I doubted myself for a long time.

I know what it’s like to be absolutely broke…

I know what it’s like to feel like I’m just faking it…

Wondering if I'll ever work out how to get what I really want...

Wondering if I’m truly cut out for this kind of freedom...

I know what it's like to have to rely on other people, to feel beholden to other people, and not have my own independence and total freedom - that allows me to be able to do whatever I want, with who I want, whenever I bloody well want to.

Simply put: I want to set you up so you can be free.

No more shame, no more guilt, no more loneliness and no more helpless frustration…

Let’s just get creating an abundance of health, wealth and happiness together, shall we?

It begins by joining my Thinking Into Results mentorship today.

And you can relax knowing I've helped hundreds of people over the past 14 years - first as a Chartered Management Accountant, then as a Certified Money, Marketing & Soul Coach and now as a Certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant.

Not just that - I'm in the trenches with you, I'm working on my own goals, growing my own multiple streams of income and becoming a better person with better relationships on a continual basis, thanks to this incredible programme and my mentor Bob Proctor.
The reviews from my clients are awesome… that’s because the processes we use are simple, structured and proven, and you can start using them to immediately create an incredible impact in all areas of your life.

IT DOES TAKE WORK… but when you follow the step by step process and just do what I'm telling you to do, and what Bob's telling you to do, you can start seeing results quicker than you ever thought possible.

It's not an overnight fix to all your struggles but our strategy is simple (far simpler than your current one) and gets results. Big and permanent results.

I tried for years to get the results I really wanted, before I realised Bob had the missing piece I needed.

And even then, I spent 18 months trying to put together all his free trainings - his books, YouTube videos, articles, presentations.

The truth is, if you want to be truly successful at anything in this life you need a mentor. Someone who can just show you what to do and how to do it.

It took me a long time to accept that and to find the courage to invest in the guidance I needed.

My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. And I wish I had a $ for every time one of my TIR clients has told me the same thing.

Thinking Into Results teaches you the exact processes I'm using and more. I teach you easy and fast ways to get crystal clear on exactly WHAT you were put here to do, work out HOW you're going to do it, make the law of attraction work for you (on auto-pilot), create a winning image and unstoppable self-confidence, become super-productive and leave procrastination behind forever, become the leader you need to be to attract the people you need to help you achieve your goals, leave worry, stress and anxiety behind forever...and so much more!

These methods have been tried and tested with thousands of individuals, couples, businesses and families around the world who’ve achieved amazing results too!

BUT...Don’t even think about making a
decision to join my mentorship now unless…

  • You want the people around you to start seeing you as a positive, inspirational, attractive influencer who exudes confidence.
  • You want work to not feel like work - because you're doing something you love and are excited to become amazing at it
  • You want your growth to be quick and painless! The idea of spending no more than 40 minutes a day is very exciting to you
  • You want to spend most of your day doing things you LOVE
  • ​You want to be able to travel, and give your family special, once in a lifetime experiences
  • ​You want to be debt free and have a massive savings account
  • ​You want a fresh start and a new lease on life
  • ​You want to be in control of your life, finances, and business
  • ​You want to feel more confident
  • ​You want to show them you ARE the goal-achieving superstar you have trapped inside
You’re about to finally have the systems you need to map out the life you truly want for you and your family - and see it come into fruition.

...and best of all?

In just 40 minutes a day.

No magical fairy dust. No BS! Just a simple proven process that works for anyone… let me repeat that:

This Will Work For You.

(and the process CAN be easy and joyful when you have the right support and training.)

What Am I Getting Exactly?

This is a 24 week programme to take you where you want to go. You’ll get lifetime access to the online training content, which consists of Videos, MP3 Audios, Worksheets and Articles to walk you step-by-step through each of the 12 modules.

Over the next 24 weeks, you'll:
  • Clarify your goal with absolute precision. A weak goal generates weak results. A goal you haven’t thought through (or worse, aren’t aware of ) could deliver exactly what you don’t want. But a worthy goal, joyfully formed and articulately expressed, is the first and most critical step toward creating the results you want.
  • Install your goal at the deepest levels of your mind. Every outcome you experience in your life, good and bad, is the direct result of your thoughts – those you’re conscious of and, more importantly, those you aren’t. Align your conscious and subconscious mind in service of your worthy goal, and it will materialise with amazing speed.
  • Harmonise your goal with the natural laws of the universe. The universe is alive with forces designed to deliver to you whatever you truly desire. Harmonise your clearly, fully aligned goal with the natural flow of these forces, then prepare yourself for an influx of opportunity and abundance unlike anything you’ve experienced before.
  • Develop a Winning Self-Image And Unstoppable Confidence. You will never outperform your own self-image and a laco of confidence or self-esteem can be crippling when it comes to becoming successful at anything. We are going to change that. Permanently.
  • Take back control of your physical and emotional health by learning to control your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Develop unshakeable belief in yourself and in the Universal Laws.
  • ​Enjoy step-by-step hand-holding guidance and support - from me and from our community.
  • Get Lifetime access to the Thinking Into Results course materials - videos, mp3 audios, worksheets, templates, scripts and articles created and delivered by Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher.
  • Receive access to my private TIR coaching community where you’ll form new friendships, partnerships, and get feedback, support, and advice whenever you need it. Including coaching calls 3 times per week in the private community group, where you'll receive more in-depth training, can ask me questions, learn and be motivated by the successes of the other TIR members.
  • ​Receive 6 private coaching calls with me to check your progress, get 1-2-1 advice and help applying what you learn to your own situation.
  • Benefit from accountability and ass-kicking! Sometimes we need more than hand holding. No more being an addicted course junky, jumping from shiny object to shiny object. We do the work and get the results. No excuses.

PLUS These Bonuses

Bonus #1: 12-Months Access To My 'Real Results Academy' (worth £497)

Daily video training and simple tasks from me to help keep you motivated and focused on what you're looking to achieve - for an entire year! Plus weekly book reading/masterminding sessions to help you apply what you're learning to your own situation. My clients love these additional sessions and find them invaluable when working on their own personal growth and goals.

Bonus #2: Personal Development Essential Oils Kit & 1-2-1 Training (worth £ 170)

I've been using pure essential oils to help raise my own vibration and enhance the techniques I've learned in TIR for some time now - and I teach my clients to do the same.

We use them to support our immune system, respiratory system and circulatory system to make sure we stay well enough to stay focused, productive and to enjoy the life we are creating.

We use them to help us relax, to focus, to visualise, to energise us on a morning and to help us sleep better at night.

We use them to prevent the absorption of negative energy from others, to release stress, to attract abundance and so much more!

As a little added extra, when you register today for TIR, you'll receive a luxury starter kit, diffuser and personal training from me on how to use these natural wonders to improve your own results. :-)

  • Lifetime access to the Thinking Into Results course materials - videos, audios, templates, worksheets & scripts.
  • 6 months of group mentorship & coaching (3 times a week) and access to my private 24-week TIR community: £5,624
  • ​6 private coaching calls with me: £ 1,800
  • 12-Months Access To My 'Real Results Academy' : £497
  • ​​Personal Development Essential Oils Kit & 1-2-1 Training : worth £ 170
I open this programme to new students only 4 times a year, and entrance is extremely limited to give you the attention and accountability you need to succeed. This is your chance and I’m going to make sure you don’t miss it.

You can register now to join my next intake, with full membership for just £ 5,624.

AND to make sure there are no excuses, I’m going to finance it for you at 0% interest, when you pay an initial deposit of £ 2,997.

If you pay £2,997, I’ll cover the remaining cost of your membership right now so you can get started right away. Just pay me back £656 a month for 4 months.


It’s time to stop wishing and start planning. Join TIR today and get started for only £2,997.
I’ve done my best to knock you off the fence today. I know methods can change your life as they have for me and thousands of others.

What is it worth to you to finally pay down all your debts and be able to breathe again?

What is it worth to you to be able to travel with your family whenever you want, barely thinking twice about it?

What is it worth to you to stop freaking out about money?

What's it worth to you to build a healthy, winning self-image?

What is it worth to have unstoppable self-belief and the knowledge you can be, do or have all the things you really want?

I believe you're here for a reason, and I believe you're at a crossroads today.

There are two paths you can take right now:

You can take the same familiar dirt road you’ve been taking… and there’s nothing wrong with that… but you and I both know its a dusty old path that’s not going to get you where you want to go. You’ve been down that road before and you know the dead end it leads to…

Or you can take the highway.

The highway feels exciting but it also scares the crap out of you. The highway reminds you that you’re still alive! If you choose the highway, everything you ever wanted becomes available to you because everything you want is on the other side of fear.

And you’ll find that as you choose the scary highway, you find your dream car parked just ahead on the side of the road...

You walk up to it, open the door, and sit inside. It smells good… like new car and freedom.

The keys are in the ignition, begging you to drive it. So you do… you pull out onto the highway, step on the gas, and ride off into the sunset listening to your favourite song.

This mentorship is that vehicle.

Sign up before it's too late.

All I’m offering you is a proven plan and help to put it into action… a plan that can change everything for you… starting today.

Join now.

P.S. Still on the fence?

I understand completely. If you still have a few concerns, hopefully, I do a good job of answering for you them below.

  Concern #1: "I'm too busy worrying about the coronavirus pandemic - I'm not in the right frame of mind to do this right now"

Where do I start?!

First off, it's times like these that you need to surround yourself with positive, supportive, like-minded people - and what better way to do that at the moment than virtually?! Supporting your emotional and mental health over the coming months is absolutely critical and focusing on what you want in life (with an amazing group of peers), instead of getting caught up in what's going on around you, is the perfect way to do that.

It can be easy to feel like everything is collapsing around you, but we give you a structured, step-by-step system to make sure your hopes and dreams don't and you can tackle whatever comes with calm confidence.

Second, this is the perfect time to reflect on your situation - if you're worried about your income, taking control of it (by creating multiple sources of income) is the only way to solve that problem and prepare you for whatever financial challenges you might face in the future. We teach you to do just that.

Finally, if you're feeling mega-stressed about this, chances are this isn't the only time you've felt like that. We teach you how to control your thoughts and your emotions so that you don't get anxious and stay calm enough to respond to situations in a contructive way, rather than habitually reacting (panicking).

My clients say this is one of the most life-changing effects they have seen from the Thinking Into Results programme.

Concern #2: "Your 5-Day Challenge was so intense, I don’t want to do that for 24 weeks non-stop in the Mentorship"

The Mentorship is not that fast paced, don’t worry. I created the challenge to shake you up a bit, to help you realise what's going wrong for you at the moment - it’s a Quick Start challenge! People worry about, "If I'm going to be away", "If I've got a holiday", "If I've got other priorities", and what I would say to that is, the Mentorship is built in with these things in mind, there's no pressure to keep up with anyone else - you can go at your own pace if you need to - or you can use my timetable for accountability and to make sure you take action.

There’s plenty of support for my members at all levels.

Concern #3: "I'm concerned about the time difference between where I live and the UK - I might not be able to make the live calls"

92% of my clients are situated outside the UK and they do brilliantly! The training content is delivered on demand, online so you access it when is convenient for you, and all my training sessions and Q&A sessions are recorded and available for you to watch/download. If you're not able to attend live, you can simply send me your questions and I'll answer them on the live for you so you can watch it later. PLUS the results of this programme far, far outweigh any jiggery pokery you might choose to do to join us live occasionally. :-)

Current and past client locations include the UK, USA, Australia and Europe. We are a truly global community of friends and colleagues. :-)   (Vacation, anyone?!)

We also have 12 1-2-1 calls that we arrange at a time to suit us both. Time difference is not a deal-breaker, no matter where you are.

Concern #4: "Is it going to work for me?"

I've said it plenty of times: I’ve not found anyone yet that this system won't work for. I've been in the trenches with hundreds of people, learning, teaching and implementing this material over the last 2 years. It's not about your current circumstances, it's about being prepared to do the work to get you where you want to go. The principles are universal, and you will have the support to adapt the small nuances to your own situation. If you're committed to it and you do the work, it will work.

  Concern #5: "I’ve invested in so many courses before and been totally let down, I don’t want my fingers (and bank account) burnt again"

Yup, I’ve been there! I totally get where you’re coming from and it’s important you know this.

There is nothing else like this programme out there. This will be the last 'course' you will ever need to take.

If you can tell me what you want, I can show you how to get it. The big difference with the Mentorship compared to other things that I've seen, is the interaction. It's the support of the community that helps people to make this a success.

So, assuming you're prepared to do the work, then you haven't just got me, Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and our strategies to implement, you've got a peer support network of other people - people all trying to do the same thing you're trying to do. To achieve more (much more) than they're currently experiencing.

​Concern #6: "I don't have time right now. I'll wait for the next one"

This makes no sense to me. You obviously need to make a change if you're to have any chance of achieving the things you really want in life.

You have no idea how long it will take - or how much time you have left on this earth. So why are you waiting three months? Imagine how much progress you could make in the next three months working with me, Bob Proctor and a group of like-minded individuals all looking to be, do or have more!

Where would you be in three months if you woke up every day feeling energised, knowing exactly what you needed to do each day to move you towards your goal, and actually doing it - starting now? What would it be worth to you to achieve your dream years (if not decades) ahead of attempting this on your own?

In my experience, for those who wait another three months before even starting, nothing changes. Three months from now, they’ll come up with another reason to wait three more months.

Are you a waiter, or a doer?

Hosted By:
Emma Hague

I'm Emma Hague and I work with Bob Proctor, helping people create the results they REALLY want in their personal and professional life.
Transform your dreams...into REALITY
Your goals...into ACHIEVEMENTS
Your Thinking...Into RESULTS
"Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it"

For more than 50 years, Bob Proctor has been making good on that extraordinary promise — empowering millions of people around the world with knowledge and tools to clarify their most compelling goals, tap their inherent greatness, and fulfill their magnificent potential.

One of the living masters of The Law of Attraction and a contributor to The Secret, Bob’s own story of rags-to-riches success via the power of thought is an ongoing testament to the effectiveness of his teachings.

When Bob met legendary corporate attorney and esteemed executive consultant Sandy Gallagher, he knew he had discovered the perfect partner to bring forth something truly groundbreaking in the arena of personal and professional development.

Combining his formidable research and experience with her 25 years of expertise in the worlds of billion-dollar business transactions and elite academia, Bob and Sandy have, in Thinking into Results, created a comprehensive systematic approach to real transformation unlike any other.

It is this system that I now deliver, supported and mentored by Bob & Sandy - and it is this system that forms the basis of all my trainings.

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