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13th May 2024
  • You'll Discover The Not-So Strange (but mind-blowing) System I Teach My Students To Uncover Your True Purpose And Work Out Exactly What You're Supposed To Be Doing With Your Life.
  • ​I Reveal A Dead Simple Way To Start Taking Consistent Actions NOW That Will Move You Leaps And Bounds Towards The Life  You Really Want.
  • ​We'll Uncover The Part Of Your Subconscious Mind That Is Keeping You STUCK, And How To Change It - Quickly And Permanently.
  • ​BONUS - I'll Share The Huge Mistake That Most People Who Try To Use The Law Of Attraction Are Making AND Why The Vast Majority Will NEVER Make It Work For Them.
  • ​You'll Be Given Exclusive Access To our Private Challenge Members Only Facebook Group, Along With Everyone Else Taking Part In The Challenge.
  • ​Every Day I'll Share Two Action Items in the group for you to complete and post in the comments how you got on.
  • ​Each task can be done in less than 30 Minutes and I'll be on hand, to answer any questions you have. And You'll Meet Some Amazing New Like-Minded Folk. :-)

Hosted By:

Emma Hague

I'm Emma Hague and I work with the world's leading experts in human potential and growth at the Proctor Gallagher Insitute, helping people create the results they REALLY want in their personal and professional life.
Transform your dreams...into REALITY
Your goals...into ACHIEVEMENTS
Your Thinking...Into RESULTS
"Tell me what you want, and I'll show you how to get it"

For more than 50 years, Bob Proctor made good on that extraordinary promise — empowering millions of people around the world with knowledge and tools to clarify their most compelling goals, tap their inherent greatness, and fulfill their magnificent potential.

One of the greatest masters of The Law of Attraction and a contributor to The Secret, Bob’s own story of rags-to-riches success via the power of thought is an ongoing testament to the effectiveness of his teachings.

When Bob met legendary corporate attorney and esteemed executive consultant Sandy Gallagher, he knew he had discovered the perfect partner to bring forth something truly groundbreaking in the arena of personal and professional development.

Combining his formidable research and experience with her 25 years of expertise in the worlds of billion-dollar business transactions and elite academia, Bob and Sandy have, in Thinking into Results, created a comprehensive systematic approach to real transformation unlike any other.

It is this system that I was trained to deliver, supported and mentored by Bob & Sandy - and it is this system that forms the basis of all my trainings.

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